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*1. Mini USB humidifier with USB output port, smart LED indicator, low operating noise that does not disturb work and nap.
*2. The mist is dense and fine that does not wet the desktop, the water mist is delicate and soft, and enjoy the skin-friendly humidification experience.
*3. 2 Spraying Modes are available, Continuous/Intermittent, which can quickly relieve air drying, or maintain a comfortable humidity indoor.
*4. Automatically Power-off when the water tank runs out and the tank is lifted up, 4 hours for Continuous mode, 6 hours for intermittent mode, to prevent overuse.
*5. A large capacity water tank solves drying problems anytime, meets the needs of various occasions such as living room, room, office, car, etc.

*1. Water Tank Capacity: 250ml
*2. Product Material: ABS/PP/silicone
*3. Product Size: 80*80*100 mm
*4. Net Weight: 105g
*5. Working Voltage: 5V
*6. Rated Power: 2W
*7. Use Time: 5-10 hours
*8. Spray Mode: continuous/intermittent

First use method:
1. Unscrew the host counterclockwise, pour water into the cup, take out the cotton swab, soak the cotton swab completely, and let it stand for about one minute
2. Cover the host, plug in the power supply, short press the first time to start spraying, short press the second time, intermittent spray, short press the third time to shut down
3. Colorful night light, long press for 3 seconds to turn off; long press for 3 seconds to turn on the night light,
4. For the first use, it is best to take out the cotton swab and soak it completely. When putting it back, do not lose the spring. When putting it back, tighten the cotton swab and the sleeve should be tightened.

Package Includes:
1 x Humidifier
1 x Power Cable
1 x Cotton Swab

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