LCD Pager Display Vibration Alarm


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  1. Manual arm/disarm

  2. PKE-passive keyless entry: Automatically lock car doors when you walk away from your car in 2 meters. Automatically unlock car doors when you approach your car in 2 meters.

  3. Remote trunk release

  4. Mute alarm

  5. Shock sensor warning

  6. Remote trigger status

  7. The window rolls up automatically 

  8. Keyboard locking to save power on the key fob

  9. Central door locking automation

  10. Re-arming

  11. Siren pause

  12. Panic/car finding

  13. Two-stage shock

  14. Shock record

  15. Electric lock or pneumatic lock optional (default is an electric lock)

  16. Emergency release

  17. Valet mode

  18. Temporary turn off PKE function

  19. Power saving mode

Main features:

2-way car alarm with rechargeable LCD key fob

PKE-passive keyless entry

shock alarm warning

remote trunk release

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